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Requested Tutor

The Tutoria a Pedido Program was created by the Pedagogical Council and the Tutoring Support Office (Current Academic Development Nucleus, NDA) in 2014, with the aim of responding to successive requests from students who, being in their 3rd or later enrollment, would like to have a tutor.

This new form of tutoring differs from traditional tutoring, which is aimed at 1st and 2nd year students, as it does not have a predetermined follow-up period, which is defined by the tutor and the tutor and varies according to the question or situation for which the student requested tutorial follow-up.

The Tutor, a volunteer, who participates in the Requested Tutor Program, will have a maximum of 5 students assigned.

How can I have a Requested Tutor?

In this type of tutoring, the request for the assignment of a Tutor is the responsibility of the student, who should consult the file containing the names of the tutors available for each Degree, Integrated Master and Bologna Master at Técnico courses, in order to ensure that the Program is running on your course.

Then you should send an e-mail to, indicating that you would like to be assigned a tutor, or a particular tutor in the file.

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