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QUC System

The quality assurance system of the Curricular Units of IST (QUC) aims to monitor the functioning of each Curricular Unit (UC), promoting the continuous improvement of the teaching, learning and evaluation process. To this end, it is necessary for each student to complete the surveys made available at Fénix, ensuring that they faithfully reproduce their appreciation of the UCs. The responses to the surveys are anonymous and will later be used for an effective monitoring of the functioning of each Course Unit. The survey filling period will end together with the end of the registration period in the following semester.

More information related to the QUC can be found here.

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Remote Teaching

The content of this page was updated and is available in:

Sharing Remote Teaching and Research Experiences – SaRTRE

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Compromisso de Honra (PT only)

O Código de Conduta e Boas Práticas, a Carta de Direitos e Garantias e o Regulamento Disciplinar dos Estudantes da ULisboa encontram-se nos seguintes links:

Código de Conduta e Boas Práticas ULisboa
Disciplinar dos Estudantes ULisboa
Carta de Direitos e Garantias ULisboa

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