Instituto Superior Técnico

Conselho Pedagógico


Partial list of competences of the Pedagogical Council of Instituto Superior Técnico:

  • Watching over the school’s pedagogical quality, in particular the teaching and evaluation methods;
  • To pronounce on the strategic plan, the President’s four-year plan, and the school’s annual activities plan and report in matters related to pedagogical guidelines;
  • To pronounce on the creation, transformation, and extinction of courses and study cycles and on the corresponding study plans;
  • To approve the regulations for the evaluation of the students’ performance, after consulting the Scientific Council;
  • To promote, within the internal quality assurance system, regular surveys on the school’s pedagogical performance and their analysis and dissemination;
  • To promote, within the framework of the internal quality assurance system, the evaluation of the pedagogical performance of the teachers, by the teachers and by the students, and its analysis and dissemination, within the framework defined for the evaluation of the teachers by the School Council;
  • Assessing complaints regarding pedagogical failures and proposing to the IST President and the Scientific Council the necessary measures;
  • Pronounce on the prescriptions regime;
  • Pronounce on the maximum values for new admissions and enrollments in degree courses;
  • Pronounce on the calendar and schedules for teaching assignments and exams;
  • Pronounce on the institution of school prizes.