Instituto Superior Técnico

Conselho Pedagógico


The Pedagogical Council's mission is to ensure the educational quality of the school respecting the strategic guidelines of the School Council and the competences of the President of IST.


Dear New Student at Técnico,

Congratulations and welcome to Técnico, whose community you are now a part of, participating in its future.

The Pedagogical Council will be present at the Welcome Session of your course, where we hope to see you at the beginning of this new stage of your life.
You can always count on us from this moment on.

The Pedagogical Council’s team of Professors and Students,

Teresa Peña                          Leonor Matos
Carlos Santos Silva             António Jarmela
Miguel Teixeira                   Maria Inês Neves


Guidelines for Students and Professors

The fundamental principle is to focus teaching on the objective of learning and not on assessment, viewing the latter as a means and not an end.






For the complete list of competences of the Pedagogical Council, open the tab Competences.