Instituto Superior Técnico

Conselho Pedagógico

Year Delegates

The Body of Delegates is the structure that is responsible to identify and promote the resolution of the pedagogical and social problems of Técnico students, maintaining dialogue between their colleagues and teachers.

Delegates play a pivotal role in representing students, being spokespersons for all their colleagues with teachers, course coordinators and other technical entities, such as the Pedagogical Council. Among the main functions of the Delegates, the scheduling of evaluations and the preparation of the Delegate Report integrated in the Curricular Units Quality Assurance System (QUC) stand out.


The main functions of the Delegates of the Year are defined in the Regulations of the Body of Delegates.

Throughout the school year, the Pedagogical Council, through the Commission for the Body of Delegates, will promote the Delegate Training Program, which brings together various trainings that enable the Delegates to be provided with all the tools, information and skills essential to the performance of their duties. functions. The conclusion of this Program is formally recognized through the granting of a Diploma Supplement and access to the Special Season.

Delegate Elections

The election of the Delegates of the Year takes place annually at the beginning of the 1st Semester in:


Council of Delegates

The Técnico Course Delegates Council is a consultative body of the Pedagogical Council composed of the Degree Delegates, the Master’s Delegates, the Integrated Master’s 1st Cycle Delegates, the Integrated Master’s Delegates and, if they exist, the 3rd. cycle.